The Waterboys Initiative brings together athletes from across the National Football League to raise money and awareness for clean water projects in East Africa. The initiative lives out its mission of providing clean water sources to communities in need by mobilizing NFL players,fans and global supporters with the hope of making a lasting and tangible impact on one of the world’s largest crises.   Waterboys was founded by NFL defensive end Chris Long and is supported by The Chris Long Foundation.

The Waterboys Story

Narrated by Matthew McConaughey

Waterboys Playoffs

The regular season is over. Now our top fundraising Waterboys are squaring off in the first ever Waterboys Playoffs.  

Meet The Waterboys

The Waterboys Initiative calls on the support of stars from around the National Football League to manifest its mission. One player from each of the 32 NFL teams has chosen to represent their franchise as the official “Waterboy.” Fans can help support their favorite “Waterboy” and NFL team in their journey to raise $45,000 to build a sustainable, deep borehole well and to subsequently provide water for over 5,000 people in Sub-Sahara Africa. 


Donate today to help your team be the first to reach its goal.


Kyle Long

Chicago Bears

Sam Bradford

Philadelphia Eagles

T.J. Lang

Green Bay Packers

Waterboys Playoffs: How It Works

Our top 12 fundraising Waterboys are going head-to-head in the Waterboys Playoffs. Donate to your favorite team or player to help them advance and be entered to win Waterboys memorabilia. Each donation counts as an entry. 

One grand prize winner, to be randomly selected from among those who donated to our playoff-winning Waterboy at any time throughout the playoffs,  will receive free roundtrip airfare to any NFL city! 



Inspired to empower wounded veterans through a life-changing experience and new mission, Waterboy Champion and former Seattle Seahawk and active duty Green Beret, Nate Boyer, has joined Chris Long and the rest of the "Waterboys" to create the Conquering Kili project. Boyer has challenged wounded veteran, Blake Watson,to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the African continent, in an effort to raise money and awareness for clean drinking water in Africa. Boyer has reached the first-year goal, raising over $110,000 to construct two wells and send Watson on the climb of his life! The duo made the climb in February, 2016 with Boyer reaching the summit on February 16. Watson will make another attempt at the summit next year. 


This is just the beginning for Conquering Kili! The challenge will continue, this time with the goal to send a group of combat veterans and NFL alumni on the climb. The new mission has begun. Boyer aims to raise $1 million through the program and send as many veterans as possible up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Take the challenge today and help fund the next well!






#Drink4Water Challenge

Join in the movement and help us spread awareness by taking part in the #Drink4Water campaign. It’s simple. Download the app and take game-day; training day; game-face; and tailgate photos and tag #Drink4Water. Include your friends and get creative. Every photo helps us spread awareness that millions of people live without access to clean water.

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