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New England Patriot's defensive end Chris Long formed Waterboys to utilize the National Football League’s platform to impact the world with the vision of providing clean water to communities that desperately need it. During a 2013 climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Long was struck by the beauty of Tanzania and the vibrancy of its people, but also witnessed great suffering due to a lack of clean water.



Click For More InfoClick For More InfoWhile in Tanzania, he met Doug Pitt, Goodwill Ambassador for Tanzania, and John Bongiorno, President of the non-profit WorldServe International – one of the region’s leading providersof clean water. Upon returning home, Long began to envision a pathway to champion the need for clean water in East Africa and how he could engage other NFL players in the cause. So in 2015, he started The Waterboys Initiative and selected WorldServe International as its benefiting charity.


People everywhere are entitled to clean water, but there remain people without access to this fundamental resource. In comes Long’s vision for Waterboys where he sees a tangible solution to this global epidemic through fundraising, social awareness and harmonious partnerships with NFL stars, fans, civic-minded businesses and non-profit organizations like WorldServe International. Ultimately, water wells representing each NFL team and its fan base will be created in small communities throughout Tanzania. Wells that will provide life-giving water and all that comes from it: the opportunity for education, good health and economic stability.


NFL Waterboys and their teammates will contribute funds and encourage their respective fan bases to join in this innovative initiative. With the mission of providing accessible clean water, Waterboys will be the most comprehensive football effort to impact the East Africa region. Through this initiative lies the belief that, together, we can change lives and transform entire communities for generations to come.


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Our Benefitting Charity: Founded in 2001, WorldServe International is a U.S. 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to, “Provide Clean Water, Sanitation, Education and Economic Opportunities to Alleviate Suffering.


Nearly two million people receive clean water from WorldServe wells each day. WorldServe believes that water is a basic human right and the foundation for self-sustainability. Focusing on East Africa countries – Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda – as their area of impact, WorldServe provides clean water through large-scale community water systems working in partnership with local leaders. This ensures that clean water is made available to all and is thoughtfully and sustainably used to benefit large groups of people.

The Chris Long Foundation is committed to giving back to the community through focused efforts around clean water, military appreciation, homelessness and youth in need.


Chris Long

Chairman | New England Patriots Defensive End

Doug Pitt

Advisor | Goodwill Ambassador for Tanzania